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Free Press is a national, nonprofit organization that is dedicated to working to reform the media. They promote diverse and independent media ownership, public media and dependable universal access of communications by advocacy, organization and education about the media (http://www.freepress.net/about_us). Free Press is committed improving media policies, in hope of improving the future media. Also, Free Press is concerned with building the media to serve the general interest of the public, rather with a few select groups and individuals.

A problem in the media industry is ownership patterns have changed. Media ownership is concentrated in the hands of few, rather than being spread across the board. This means that freedom of the press exists only for those who can afford to own one (83). This is a problem because it makes it harder for alternative media to break into the business. Also, mainstream media is all controlled by the same voices; therefore it is only a few opinions coming through to represent the public.

Free Press addresses this issue by urging the FCC not to forget the Senate’s interest in maintaining the public interest goals of localism, diversity, and competition in media. This is shown in a letter addressed to Chairman Genachowski. Free Press is concerned with consolidation and cross-ownership of media because they wish for the media to be a democracy, that allows for a diversity of voices in the media.

A question I have is “How will mainstream media change if ownership becomes more concentrated in the hands of few?” Also, “How is Free Press responding to the increase of cross-ownership in the media?”

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  1. Kathleen
    October 16, 2011 at 6:37 pm

    Good post, Alexandra. You highlight the important issue of media ownership patterns and bring up some important questions that were hopefully addressed on Tuesday. Nice job.

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