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Free Press is an organization that works at developing and improving the media. They make media a political issue and bring up the problems that the media industry faces and tries to resolve them. Free Press believes media should be in the public’s interest and that the general population has a say. One of the issues Free Press tackles is ownership. Part of the problem with ownership is the issue of who has control and what they do with it. As the book Media Society states, “control of media information by a few companies may well be detrimental to the free flow of ideas” (84). Monopolies in media ownership are becoming more of a concern, as now there are few and fewer companies who have ownership, while big companies buy up smaller ones and take control. To fix this the government is trying to regulate the amount of control one company can have, but this is becoming less and less regulated. For example a single entity couldn’t own more than twelve national television stations or stations reaching up to 25% of U.S. TV households but now there is now limit of stations and it has been increased to 39%(85). Ownership is also a problem with the internet and something now known as “Net neutrality.” This is the issue of some companies want to allow those who pay to have faster Internet while those who don’t have their internet run much more slowly or have sites blocked (89). What I want to know is how is Free Press currently working to see that this problem doesn’t escalate or how are they working to minimize the problem?

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  1. Kathleen
    October 16, 2011 at 7:40 pm

    Good job, Emily. You clearly summarized Free Press’ goals and put them into the context of the reading. I hope your question was adequately addressed at Tuesday’s luncheon.

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