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Ideological analysis helps us understand how media wants action films to be portrayed. In the 1980s action-adventure films were very popular and one example of this is the Indiana Jones movies. The basic ideological premise of the Indiana Jones series is rooted in good vs. evil and the use of an “every man” as the main character lend itself to mass appeal.  All three of the Indiana Jones movies star Harrison Ford as the main character. He is an average white male who uses his wit and skill to take down his enemies. He is not particularly handsome in terms of being a sex symbol, nor does he rely on physical strength. He is highly educated and works as a professor at a university which makes him a relatable character to a mass audience regardless of age or gender. Since the 1980s was often times a period of self absorption his character became popular due to his relatability, but also his glamorous adventures provided a means of escape.  Indiana Jones is an archeologist who is looking of lost, forgotten, or stolen artifacts of the past. On his adventures to search for these artifacts he has to defeat villains using his mind. At the end he always finds what he is looking for, while defeating his enemies along the way and winning over the girl. These types of action adventure movies always show the hero as being successful at the end of the movie, which was attractive to American audiences in this time period. There was a ton of action in these movies as well as romance and comedy.  He was able to use his wit and often times dumb luck to defeat danger which made the films entertaining and thrilling. People during this time period were materialistic focusing on themselves instead of the greater good of the culture. Also, these types of movies lead audiences to believe we can do anything if we really want to and they are feel good movies.  Many people looked up to characters like this, hoping to someday achieve the same sort of success through hard work and determination. Also, it was a way for people to escape from their own realities and to maybe even live through these types of characters. Movies like these have shaped our definitions of the lead role in action-adventure movies.


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