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Blog 1..it didnt work last time

My freshman year of high school I thought I could take on anything.  I was starting out school with lots of homework, lots of practices and no time at all for a social life.  During my freshman year, it wasn’t the books that taught me the most, it was my team.  Being on a high school swim team was the most fun I’ve ever had and it taught me values that I will keep for life.

While others went to school and had a social life I thought that I would have no time for that on a team, it would
just be hard work.  I was ready for the challenge of swimming hard and helping my team to win but I never thought I
would learn so much from them.  Thought-out my freshman year I learned what I meant to have people rely on you and to have
others peoples backs. Whenever I would jump up on the block I experienced what it felt like to have people who will love me no matter how good or bad I swam.  I learned how to manage my time and juggle my swimming with my homework and try to fit in a little social
life.  My teammates encouraged me to do my best at the pool and in the classroom.
Through those interactions I found out who I could trust and who would not be there for me.  I had to ask myself
every day, do I watch TV after practice or should I get my homework done for tomorrow?  I carried on those lessons
till now.  I know how to manage my time and I how to work hard to achieve something for not only myself but for other people.  I use these skills everyday whether I’m doing a group project in class or helping out a friend.  I know that I have developed good values
through this experience.  In the real world I will be ready to work with a team and I will know what hard work
means.  Nothing that I could have ever learned in class could have been better than what I learned from the people
around me that year.

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  1. Kathleen
    October 16, 2011 at 5:35 pm

    Thanks for the post, Michelle. Hopefully you won’t have any more difficulty posting on the blog. It sounds like taking on the challenge of juggling swimming with college has been rewarding in many ways for you! Please leave a comment describing what you think would be an appropriate boss-level challenge for this class. Credit for this post can then be awarded. Thanks!

  2. October 19, 2011 at 1:00 am

    A boss level challenge for this would be for students to find something other than school that they are interested in and try it out for a while. Whether its a sport or a club people should find something out there and put themselves into new situations. Everyone in class shoudl pick something they have always wanted to do but never did because school was in the way. After a month we should share our experiences with the class or write a blog about what we did.

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