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When we are little often we are told to be unique, that our differences are what makes us special. Media for so long has contradicted this idea by telling the public or showing them how they should act, what they should like, essentially who they should be. By doing this, the media influences what we a society deem as the norm. This causes the general public to hide their differences in order to make an attempt to fit these ideals. Televisions shows, movies, and advertisements all give the public someone to emulate, look up to, or try to become. This however, strips people of their individuality and convinces them that they need to be someone else or conform to a specific type of person. For example most of the actors and actresses we see are fit, thin, toned to an extent that is almost unachievable to the average person. This people are paid to make themselves look this way and when they aren’t filming focus their energy on making sure they have the right body by working out, having chefs cook them special low calorie meals etc… People tried to be what those in charge of all these programs wanted them to be. Finally we are starting to see a change.

On the television show Glee the point of the show is that individuals are cool and should be celebrated. They cast people who are unique and aren’t the typical actor or actress. While the show doesn’t always have the best acting or plot it has become so popular due to the message it portrays: individuality should be encouraged and celebrated not discouraged or put down. In the spin off show The Glee Project the producers took this idea one step further by finding regular people to be on the show. This meant kids who weren’t already actors and actresses who were different, kids who are just like all the kids who watch these shows get to be stars and set and example. These two shows emphasized that not doing what everyone else chooses to do is a good thing it makes you special. This is a huge step forward for the media as we start to see different types of people appearing on show, movies, and in other forms of media as well who are representative of the masses.

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  1. Kathleen
    October 1, 2011 at 8:02 pm

    Good analysis of the employed ideology here. However, please comment with a link to the review of the show. Also, please tell me your name so I can give you credit for completing this assignment. Thanks!

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