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Blog #2 rewrite

Many people see this generation as the generation that isglued to technology.  These days everyone has a connection to everyone on the internet. Whether it’s Facebook, Twitter or Skype we are all connected.  Students spend hours a day on Facebook, checking their statuses and chatting with their friends.  We have more relationships on the internet then we do in our daily lives where we interact with people.  We are obsessed with the internet.  Everyone cares how many notifications you got or how many people you are following.

When the Social Network came out many people wanted to see it because it can relate to them.   In the story Facebook dominates the internet.   It shows a worldwide attraction to be connected to people and to follow the latest thing.  We are constantly trying to go with the trend and our generations trend is the internet and technological advances.  If you have a Facebook then you are considered
cool and this movie shows that.  Other generations sometimes call us the dumber generation because we are so
distracted by all the technology around us.

The Social Network showed how fast this new idea was spread simply because people wanted to be a part of something cool and hip to this generation.  When people found out about this idea of Facebook they jumped on board.  It spread from campus to campus like a virus.  Relationships between people now are mostly through the internet.  They wanted the entire world to be connected through
this technology and they wanted relationships to get stronger.  It depicts how everyone is connected and how our generation can pick up one source of information so quickly.   The ideology of this film is that we are the generation that created this technology that will be used by for many years.  We are the generation that has taken technology and applied it to every part of our lives.

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  1. Kathleen
    October 1, 2011 at 8:11 pm

    Michelle, thanks for the re-write. This is a good analysis of the ideology behind the success of this movie. Please include a link to a review of the film. Thanks!

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