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Similar to the Project Classroom Makeover at Duke, my high school instituted a program where every student received Apple laptops when entering their freshman year. Opening in 2005, the school was wired with internet routers and had the newest technology installed. As Davidson stated in her book Now You See It, “students who had grown up connected digitally gravitated to ways that the ipod could be used for collective learning (66).” The same reasoning was used when providing the students with laptops. It offered numerous advantages such as online textbooks with countless online resources, the opportunity to type notes and papers, and becoming an expertise with computer applications such as Powerpoint, Excel, and imovie.

In my current events class, we had to produce a public service announcement of our choice on imovie.  It was refreshing to learn about current world issues outside of a book or newscast. After scripting, recording, and editing our movie, we had created an informational PSA abut how people should stop buying and using plastic water bottles in order to generate a more sustainable environment. It was educational, improved our research skills, and challenged our group members to brainstorm on sensible solutions. It was the perfect way to use our knowledge for the greater good.

Education in schools can be mundane and routine. “Learning is good for you even though it taste horrible going down (Davison 110).” Although, this project reassured me that learning is more than getting good grades on tests. It is about growing in knowledge, and developing passions along with life skills.

I believe a good boss challenge for our class would be critiquing different forms of media. Why was this media produced? What is its message? Are there skewed statistics? Does it positively or negatively impact our culture and environment? These are all questions that should be asked when watching commercials, reading the newspaper, watching the nightly news, or even looking at billboards when driving down the interstate. I believe it would create interesting class discussion as well help us be discerning in the middle of our media obsessed world.

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  1. Kathleen
    October 1, 2011 at 8:27 pm

    Great post, Allison. Sounds like a very valuable learning experience. Did you get to keep the laptop? Thanks!

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