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Blog #2 Rewrite

“Gossip Girl” is a drama revolving around the gossip and the lives of most elite of the Upper East Side, New York. This TV show reveals numerous biases about modern day American Culture through the wealthy and popular main characters.

The first ideology that struck me was that American culture values being wealthy. All the lead characters live in penthouse apartments and have never ending trust funds from their powerful families who made something of themselves. They portray how American’s work extremely hard when they are younger, so they can live lavish lifestyles in later life and provide the same extravagant lifestyle for their children and grandchildren. The lead characters of “Gossip Girl,” being the children of the hard workers, don’t strive to make themselves better and are depicted as lazy when it comes to doing work. They are similar to real American reality stars such as Paris Hilton, who is idolized by young girls, yet is only famous, wealthy and powerful because of her family, and does not strive to do something for herself. Both “Gossip Girl” and Paris Hilton portray what happens after one generation has reached the “American Dream,” and the next generation has nothing to strive for because they are already wealthy and powerful.

Also, all the wealthy characters are white, depicting that white people make more money than other races. The white main characters have African American maids and butlers, going back to the stereotype that African Americans should serve white people i.e. slavery.

Another bias that is apparent through this TV show is that American culture values being thin because there are no overweight characters on the show. Characters are rarely portrayed eating, and if they are eating it is usually fruit or a bite of dinner now and then. Another reason this bias exists is because the characters blatantly talk about wearing a size “0” or “extra small.” While viewers could think that these lead characters are shallow for caring so much about their size, it is evident by the lengths girls go through to lose weight, that these lead characters are idolized. Many young girls, and some guys, go through very destructive measures to be thin such as eating disorders, diet pills, over exercise and plastic surgery. “Gossip Girl” reinforces that one should go through desperate measures to have a nice body. For example, the lead female character, Blair, has an eating disorder. Her friends know about Blair’s disorder, and they encourage it by telling her how thin and pretty she is. They treat it like it is normal and healthy, and possibly even accepted as something that is okay.

The ideologies in “Gossip Girl” reflect the absurd values of American culture.

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  1. Kathleen
    October 1, 2011 at 8:39 pm

    Alexandra, you did a good job here of analyzing the different situations that occur within the show and the trends they present, but unfortunately you failed to convey how those themes resonate with American culture. You did elaborate on your points from the first draft of this post, but it is still unclear why those themes you mentioned draw in an audience. Is it irony as Lynn suggested? Are we supposed to relate to the characters or are we meant to dislike their actions and attitudes as a reflection of how we feel about wealth in America? Sorry, no credit this time, but there are many more upcoming blogs and therefore opportunities to get your required points. Thanks.

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