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The year of 2010 is the Ninth Anniversary of 9.11 and it had been the 8th year that Jack Bauer worked on antiterrorism for the U.S. since the popular TV show 24 was firstly created eight years ago. Apparently, the idea of creating 24 just came from the event of 9.11.

Each season of 24 contains 24 episodes of which each screens what happens within one hour. The leading character named Jack Bauer who works for CTU (Counter Terrorist Unit) is always walking right along the edge of life and experiences narrow escape in each season. The only reason he is what he is is to fight against terrorism, conspiracy and betrayal for his country.

Heroism is a special part of American culture and always has been. I did not watch American TV shows or films a lot when I was a child or a teenager but what impresses me is an old cartoon show named Popeye the Sailor. The leading character Popeye is an old sailor and every time once he has a can of spinach, he is able to beat anyone especially his rival in love to win his girl back. Obviously, Popeye was created as a hero who satisfies the old American dream, which meant a normal person could solve any problems and had his/her love.

However, since the event of 9.11, the American heroism has become more serious and the heroism has become global. Jack Bauer is also a typical hero but not as same as Popeye, which means the hero is no longer to fight for himself and his beauty.

The event of 9.11 was definitely a nightmare for all American especially for those lost who they knew such as their families and friends, which really hurt a lot. As a result, artists began to create a number of hero characters on media of which Jack Bauer is just one example. The public do need a hero they believe in like this to have themselves comforted, to get hope again, to believe that a disaster like 9.11 will never happen again and to believe that there is always someone who would like to tell, “Don’t be scared. I’m right here for you, for our country and for the peace of the world.”

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  1. LZ
    September 22, 2011 at 4:09 pm

  2. September 27, 2011 at 3:51 am

    Nice analysis, Li. Full credit.

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