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Many teen today are glued to their computers.  Students spend hours a day on Facebook, checking
their statuses and chatting with their friends.
We have more relationships on the internet then we do in our daily lives
where we interact with people.  There
have been so many advances in our generation and most of them have come from
the internet.  A movie that I think says a
lot about our generation is The Social Network.
When the Social Network came out many people wanted to see it because it
can relate to them.   Even though it is a documentary it relates to everyone directly and
indirectly because now through the internet everyone can be connected at any
time.  Twenty or even ten years ago
people were not on the computer all the time.  They had to meet someone in person to talk
about things or to plan activities.   Remember those days where you had to call
someone on their house phone to talk to them.
Other generations sometimes call us the dumber generation because we are
so distracted by all the technology around us.

The social
network is the story of how Facebook came to be.  It reflected our generation perfectly.   It showed how fast this new idea was spread
simply because people wanted to be a part of something cool and hip to this
generation.  When people found out about
this idea of Facebook they jumped on board.
It spread from campus to campus like a virus and because our generation
is online so much thousands of people knew about it within 3 weeks.  Relationships between people now are mostly through
the internet.  They wanted the entire
world to be connected through this technology and they wanted relationships to
get stronger.  This film shows how our
generation is changing.  The only thing
that is constant in our generation is change.
It depicts how everyone is connected and how our generation can pick up
one source of information so quickly.   Our generation is so hooked on the internet
many people probably found out about this movie online while on their way to Facebook.



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  1. September 22, 2011 at 3:16 am

    You haven’t quite gotten the idea about how to do an ideological analysis of a film. This is more of a plot summary that tells us how the film reflects some of what young people today experience. Please read about ideological analyses and rewrite this. You may find it useful to read some of the other entries on the class blog; we’ll also go over some in class.

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