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Andrew Neely

Three movies that show black individuals as victims and white people as saviors are: Freedom Writers, Radio, and The Blind Side. Each of these movies shows black people as poor, uneducated and generally incapable until a white person intervenes. In Freedom Writers Hillary Swank plays a white teacher who comes to a predominantly black neighborhood where test scores are bad and kids are all but incapable of writing. With her help, the school turns around and its black students become successful. The movie, Radio, shows a poor black boy who is in need of guidance and a white man is his answer. Finally The Blind Side shows a poor black youth who needs a wealthy white family to find success.

These movies perpetuate the idea that white people are saviors and black people are inherently victims or helpless. This is of course not true because people of all races can be both impoverished and successful. Other movies show powerful partnerships between black and white people such as Remember the Titans.

These films benefit white people, particularly rich white people, and make them seem more powerful than they actually are.  These inaccuracies could easily be fixed by putting some minorities in positions of power, just as they are in real life. They could also have white people in impoverished positions because this is another important part of reality. Each of these movies reflects part of reality and yet somehow distorts it by placing whites in the position of a savior. It is unfortunate that things are presented this way but they are still a massive improvement over the stereotypes formally shown in the media.

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  1. September 22, 2011 at 3:34 am

    Excellent analysis! Good job, Andrew.

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