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Repost of blog #1

A memorable experience I have had was when I went to my first regional soccer camp. This was a tryout to see who were the best players in one of the four regions in the US. I did not make the team at the end of the week and it taught me to treat every game like it is my last. The next year I attended the camp I made the team. Also, I learned that you should have fun doing what you love and to not stress out about it, which helped me to improve as a player. This developed my ability to judge quality because now I know when I should really appreciate things in life. This can tie into the reading in ch.1 when they talk about iPods. Certain songs when I listen to my iPod make me think about life and appreciate every single day and opportunity I am given. Technology played a role in my experience because before each game I would listen to my iPod in order to get me focused and pumped up to play. Like in ch.1 it says how students used their iPods to help with their academics, I used my iPod to help with my soccer playing. At the beginning ch.2 the teacher got feedback from her students about her grading. This can be related to my experience at camp because at the end of the week our coach gave us evaluations on our playing. Giving and receiving feedback is important for us to be able to improve. This specifically helped me because I was able to use that feedback to improve my playing and therefore helped me make the team the next year.  Also, in ch.2 it talked about grading systems and schools adopting letter grades. The evaluation I received at the end of camp was like this however, certain areas we were evaluated on were on scales from 1-5. Technology played a role when I listened to my iPod to get me ready for games. An appropriate boss-level challenge for this class would be the video essay at the end. It will show at least one thing we have learned and our take on that subject.

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  1. September 27, 2011 at 3:20 am

    You may find it helpful to read what your fellow classmates have blogged to get a sense of how to integrate class readings into your reflections. It seems that you do this, but in a limited way (e.g., rather than exploring how people created programs for iPods, you discuss listening to your ipod, which doesn’t really get at the reason why the author tells the story about ipods). I’m sorry I can’t give credit for this rewrite.

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