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Blog # 2

During a time when outdoor activities like skiing, backpacking, and climbing are at an all time high, the movie 127 Hours appealed to many people. The main character, Aaron Ralston, overcame a situation that was beyond his control in order to survive.  In our current economic climate this storyline could be applied to many people.  With a hurting economy, and people losing their jobs, the story of a man who was thrust into a terrible situation by random chance appealed to a massive amount of people.  Aaron Ralston overcame an impossible situation, which many people working in an unstable job market can gravitate towards.

Many people who are struggling to find jobs or are worried about losing their own job can find a similar ideology within Aaron Ralston’s story.  They feel that they cannot control their own situation, just as Ralston could not help but be caught by that rock. Ralston takes matters into his own hands (or hand) and literally does whatever it takes to survive.  With this current economic climate the story of a man who would do anything to survive can be inspiring to someone even in the most desperate of financial situations.

In Ebert’s review of the film (http://rogerebert.suntimes.com/apps/pbcs.dll/article?AID=/20101110/REVIEWS/101119996) he talks about how Ralston had a upbeat personality, a life hardened resiliency, and a unstoppable will to live.  This is the type of movie that appeals to people experiencing hardships.  Ralston is an inspirational person, living proof that the human spirit can truly overcome anything.  Watching the movie 127 Hours not only leads people to believe in an ideology that they can work through truly any hard circumstance, it also reminds them that there is a reason you work through the hard times.  In the scene where Ralston hallucinates all of his loved ones in the canyon, the audience is reminded of why Ralston fought for life, and therefore why they themselves should fight.  127 Hours appeals to the current economic climate by showing the true strength of the human spirit, which is something that many people currently want to see.

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  1. September 21, 2011 at 11:54 pm

    Excellent job, AnneMarie! I hadn’t thought of 127 hours in that way and you’ve convinced me. It’s probably especially poignant that Ralston is left on his own to solve the problems that he didn’t create but that he must deal with. I think that too often in the U.S. we take “safety nets” for granted, or we don’t question why they don’t seem to be saving the particularly vulnerable from the problems they often inherited but didn’t cause. Full credit.

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