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Scholastic Aptitude Test, notoriously known as the SAT. The irrelevant number that was used to categorize me as a student. Studying for this test is the most memorable learning experience I’ve had to date; and it was the least fun. Once a week for two hours I would study, and take three hour practice tests on Sundays. My tutor’s philosophy was, “screw this and the creators of this test, let’s prove them wrong” and I liked it. She and I slaved away on that test for two months in preparation for exam day. I felt great about my new found tricks to find the right answer and to show the College Board I could rise above. Turns out, all the time I spent working so hard got me no where, I received fifty less points than I had before I began tutoring. I’ve never been more crushed nor angry. I despised the College Board and the number that would go on to define me as a student to prospective universities. Reading these two chapters from Now You See It has helped me find a way to articulate and argue my feelings about this learning experience. In chapter three, “Project Classroom Makeover” the author says that we should let the student be the teacher, and the teacher be the student. Newsweek wrote that Duke was “leading the youth astray”, when really they were opening their minds to the latest generation and embracing the new found genius of technology. My question is that if so many students struggle through standardized testing, why has the College Board not tried to learn why that is. Why are students of this generation needing so much tutoring and extra time? Is it not possible that the College Board should reevaluate their evaluations? The answer to these questions are answered in chapter four, “How We Measure” : “[By] assigning a number or letter grade to the attainment of knowledge in a complex subject (let’s say history) as measured by a test is not a logical or self-evident method of determining how much someone understands about history” (pg 112) A student cannot be defined by a number, but by their ability to have quality ideas and their work ethic; not the four hours spend filling in small bubbles.

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  1. September 21, 2011 at 5:24 am

    Your content is good, but you kind of have a lumped together, stream of consciousness style. Try and keep the reader in mind while you write. Otherwise good work, full credit.

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