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Throughout my life, I have taken thousands of dance classes, been to numerous workshops around Colorado, and have been taught by the most elite instructors from around the United States. However, none had impacted my ability to learn until I took a random dance class in the heart of my hometown. Most choreographers I took classes from took pride in teaching their own choreography, in their own style, without leaving much room for open interpretation of the material. They constantly critiqued you on their opinion of how the dance should be played out and constructed, portraying a sort of arrogance as they taught; this choreographer was different. She allowed her students to mix her choreography with their own, and acted as if she was too a student in her class. She encouraged us to create our own understanding of the material and perform how we thought it should look. Also, our own choreography was incorporated into the final product. She was interested in learning from us and wanted us to dance what we felt. “We were inverting the roles of teacher and learner, the fundamental principle in education: hierarchy based on credentials.” (Davidson, 64) This was both the most memorable and fun learning experience I have had because I learned that you can memorize as much information as you want and regurgitate it verbatim, but it is simply verbatim and means nothing unless you take out and create your own meaning from it. “Learning to give and take feedback responsibly should be a key component of our training as networked citizens of the world.” (Davidson, 107) Without criticism and feedback, there would be no significant changes in the world. The instructor captured our attention by making us think and dance what we felt, by taking information and making it our own, and by responding to our reactions. This is something that I now apply to all aspects of my life, and it increases my ability to think critically and take criticism conscientiously. If you can’t think for your self, then how is it possible to be critical and develop a meaningful opinion? Communication played a role because we were able to communicate with the instructor about what we were most interested in doing which played a part in having a strong finished product. By allowing students to both teach and learn, and respond to each other’s feedback, they are able to take critical thinking to a deeper level and the experience is made more memorable.

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  1. September 21, 2011 at 5:32 am

    Paragraphs! No, but seriously, good work, just try and break up your ideas a little. Otherwise you get a crammed, stream of consciousness style of expression. Good work, full credit.

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