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Transparency is an important concept in the online social media world for many reasons. First it is especially important to have social networking sites, such as facebook, to be rather transparent. This is because they have such a strong user base, and these users provide their information freely. This is important because these users need the ability to freely share their thoughts without having to worry about the company selling it for advertisement purposes or any other means. If the social network site clearly and frequently states that this is possible on their specific site users should then use this knowledge to censor some of their actions on the site or proceed at their own risk. It this is not stated clearly there is freedom of speech issues and privacy issues that violates many of the users expectations of the site. Transparency is also important for individual companies because when they are not transparent their consumers or potential consumers do not trust their product for their information because they do not have reliable sources. Trust is becoming a bigger and bigger issue in the online world and now companies must strive to provide honest and relevant information and products that can keep but with the fast expanding social network sites that are taking over the Internet.
While Transparency is a huge issue in the online social media world it is not as important in the offline world. This is because overall the amount of weak ties a person has in the offline world is much smaller and less accessible then on social networking sites such as Facebook. This makes it less valuable and profitable to try to target someone’s offline network because it is so small and thus it is less susceptible for untrustworthy advertisements, employers targeting them or having their information leaked out to a large company.

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