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After reading about how un-transparent Facebook was when they claimed to own all of your content that you post on your Facebook, I had to do a little research. I went to my Facebook and tried to change my privacy setting and the first thing that popped up was a window that stated “We don’t sell your personal information to advertisers”. Transparency is very important in the online social media because if it was not present companies like Facebook or twitter could sent your personal information to advertiser and profit quite an off our preferences and much more.

There are many reasons why transparency is very important concept in the online social world. One reason is that people do not have to be afraid of being themselves online; it encourages people to be who they are in real life, online. Then other people can connect with you online, instead of connecting with a “fake you”. Another reason why it is important is that it gives you in the online world more credibility. Anyone can write that they have travelled somewhere or seen something, but transparency allows that person to post a video or picture of that thing.

Transparency is less important than the offline world. Nothing can compare to personal interaction. Learning about someone in real life is more important than through the online world. When looking at someone through the online scope you online get what you can find. It is like if a company is looking to hire a new employee and decide to look up a prospect on Facebook. Then through that research they find things that they do not want in their company, when in real life the person they are looking up is a perfect fit. Transparency can only do so much; people need to use better judgment of what goes up on online social media sources.


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