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Media transparency, as talked about in chapter 9, is the idea of how and why information is perceived through the media by the public.  It is important to have media transparency in the online social world as it is a way for the government to accept certain information.  When there is several sources competing, some with unreliable information, it allows the public to determine which is the most unbiased and uncorrupt information.  Transparency of information obtained can alter the reader’s knowledge on the matter.  This can tie into the framing theory of material and can have corrupt biases on certain issues.

I feel that it is less important in the offline world.  Anything published in the offline world goes through a series of steps in which it must get approved.  In the online world, anyone can publish anything they want. In the offline world,  in order to get approved, one must be able to back up all facts published.  There are laws that prohibit them from publishing any kind of misrepresented facts.


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