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Since the Internet is relatively new, there aren’t many laws that can prevent certain websites or information from being released on the Internet.  I also don’t think that the government was prepared for the rapid growth of the Internet.  As a result an important concept formed from this, which is transparency.  This topic is interesting because it can blur the line between a social movement and a marketing scheme.  Consumers probably don’t know which one it is unless they do research on the source(s).  In the book, it cites an incident with Facebook where they attempted to rectify a mistake by creating a Facebook page and omitted the fact that they were the ones who created it.  Through this it just shows how easy it is for companies to imitate groups with the purpose to shed a negative light on them by pretending to be a non-affiliated organization.  Although this is going against the company, it is a good use of PR because it can keep them in the news.  This also proves how important transparency is because it can very deceptive.  Despite the fact that it is deceptive, transparency can make people more aware of what is happening on the Internet and what/how information is being presented to them.  In a way it helps develops critical thinking skills.

Transparency is less important in the offline world.  In the offline world, people can’t hide behind a computer screen.  The news that is presented offline usually goes though a process and/or gets the content approved before it is released.  But online, anyone can post anything at anytime.  There are hardly any restrictions online.   Since it is more difficult to publish news in the offline world, transparency isn’t as big of an issue as it is online.



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