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Blog 14

                There are many parallels between today’s proposals for government run Internet services and the proposals from the 19th century for a nationwide unground telegraph service.  Currently, the various providers are considering handing off the Internet services to the government, ending up in a loss of net neutrality.  This would most likely result in a multi-tiered Internet service- those willing to pay more would get faster and better quality service, while those not willing to pay as much would not have as many sites to visit, or as high speed of Internet.

                By keeping the Internet company run, people would be provided with the same Internet service, just as the telegraph service might have been and the postal service is today.  If the government had supported the telegraph services from the past, it probably would be better for net neutrality.  Now, if the government chooses to take the control of Internet services from private companies, the possibility of a monopoly arises.  Monopolies are when a single company has control over an entire area of technology.  This is not a good idea, because not as many advances will be made and the prices for the product will skyrocket; both of these occur due to lack of competition.  The government would also have supreme control over what was available over the Internet, by choosing which sites are can be reached by consumers and which cannot.   Yet there are also benefits for government run Internet services.  Internet would be paid for through taxes, which would mean that all people get the same Internet (while large companies pay for the better tier of Internet service).

                In my personal opinion, the Internet should continue to be privately owned, and offered through a variety of companies, providing the consumers with a choice, inciting technological advances, and keeping the price at a reasonable rate.

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