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Chapter 9 highlights the importance of transparency and how it affects social media today. I believe that transparency is an important factor when it comes to the topic of social media because without it, major companies would have access to personal information. As the book states “ media companies are struggling to adapt to the world of social media with mixed success. Companies not willing to give up control of their messages are having more difficulty than those that more open about stepping into the controlled chaos that is social media.” (Pavlik pg.277)  this is because “transparency often works against strategy making and planning by companies, as they do not want to give away secrets to competitors (Pavlik pg.276).

Our book uses the example of the 2009 incident that occurred with Facebook. The social networking site changed their privacy policy, claiming to own the rights too essentially all the content posted by Facebook users. The change really went unnoticed until the public mainly it’s users found out about the newly appointed policy. This change soon led to a huge uproar in many of the Facebook users including a threat by the Electronic Privacy Information Center (EPIC) to file a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission. Soon after a group was created to further discuss any future privacy-policy changes.

To me this just shows how carful you must be with what you are willing to put on the Internet. Transparency is important in the online world because as a user you could be sharing very personal information without knowing. Leaking of this information to companies could make it so that you are very vulnerable position. I believe that transparency is less important in the offline world than the online world because offline your having face to face communication with someone where you can express you emotions and really get a feel for what that persons really about or trying to say.

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