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The telegraph is the perfect example of the implications of modern telecommunications and how the ownership can impact a nation.

As stated in the book, the private industry model originally led to chaos for the telegraph because of all the companies competing for customers and equipment. Compatibility between companies was also an issue because each company was looking for their way to be better than the next. This resolved itself when companies started merging.  The competition between the companies led to more technological advances as well as greater risks being taken by companies in regards to pricing and product.

The concept of a monopoly, where one company owns the market for a product, is similar to the system that would be implemented with a government bureaucracy. This is because there is one company that is in control, and there is not much competition. As a result, there may not be as many technological advances and developments.

As stated in the book the degree of regulation of media and telecommunication outlets is a constantly debated and evolving conflict.

A situation that mirrors the issues revolving around the telegraph is that of the internet. The issue of net neutrality is a hot topic in current events. This is largely in part as a result of the shut down of certain internet sites overseas. Net neutrality is the concept that internet services should be equal, and there should not be a pay-wall for internet speed and accessibility based upon usage. A great explanation of net neutrality can be found at: http://www.stumbleupon.com/su/1iHdzv/www.theopeninter.net/.

If the government takes control of the internet issues revolving around the freedom of speech may also arise. Plus, there will not be a need to continue to improve upon internet services provided if the government takes over. Currently, there are numerous companies providing internet service to consumers, and things seem to be going well. There is positive competition, and new innovations constantly are coming out. If the government regulates this, or if a monopoly were to occur, the internet would no longer be the internet that we all know and love.

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