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Media Research

For my final paper I will be using qualitative research. Since it is an essay I will not have any numbers or measures, therefore it cannot be quantitative research.

I will be looking into what the view of the American Free Press and MSNBC are and how they cover stories like the Berlusconi scandal. It will be necessary to look into the history of both media outlets and see how they have covered stories in the past. Things I will be looking at will be things like what their political leanings tend to be and how biased some of their comments are. I will also be researching and comparing the two articles from the different media sources to see what is included in one and what is included in the other. Things like where they got their quotes from will also be something that will show me what each news source is about and how they tell the news.

Something else I might do to research for this paper will be to look at past articles that both American Free Press and MSNBC have written. This will give me a good idea of whether American Free Press always writes articles with very opinionated and judgemental statements and whether MSNBC always tries to tell the news in an unbiased ways, but slips in hints of liberalism. For example, MSNBC wrote their story on the Berlusconi scandal from the women of Italy’s point-of-view and American Free Press went further past the scandal and bashed Berlusconi’s political views as well in their story. By looking at articles from before I will be able to tell whether there are trends in the way each media outlet tells the news.

All this research will be done on the internet. I will be able to pull up histories of both American Free Press and MSNBC and bring up many of their other articles on different stories.

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  1. March 2, 2011 at 4:17 am

    Looks good. Sorry I missed this one!

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