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Media Research

For this research paper, we will be comparing TheRealNews to NBC. TheRealNews was started in 2007 by a former producer of the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation. They focus on providing uncompromising and independent journalism. For this project, I believe the research needs to be both qualitative and quantitive to successfully compare the two sources of news. We will see which types of people (ranging in gender, age, location, political beliefs, etc.) choose to use TheRealNews vs. NBC. It is also important to use qualitative methods because opinions are powerful too. This qualitative method will provide more depth and texture to our quantitive studies.


More specifically, we will be focusing on Media Ecology to show how these different sources affect people. Different people will have reactions to different news sources and will use the one that affects them most positively.  We will also examine media-effects, as this will also motivate people to keep up with certain sources. We would like to see how NBC affects its audience and how TheRealNews affects its audience and compare the two.

  1. February 23, 2011 at 2:22 am

    Good. You will be drawing on both quantitative and qualitative research, but you will be conducting qualitative research (e.g., you won’t be conducting surveys).
    Sounds like you’re interested in media effects, or how people’s views are shaped by the news they see. What you’ll be doing for this paper is an exercise in framing. You’re to look for evidence of how one story uses words, images, evidence, in contrast to the other story. You will want to look at how one article seems to argue against the assumptions that undergird the other article. Therefore, choosing a specific story told in two media that have a completely different take is going to make this assignment easy for you. E.g., how an environmental periodical would cover a pro-environment initiative vs. how a pro-business and perhaps anti-environmentalist periodical would cover the same initiative.

    Media ecology is broader and isn’t relevant for this particular assignment. A media ecology perspective might look at how Twitter is changing the way we interact with one another both on and offline.

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