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Mdeia Research

In conducting my research for the final project, I plan on using several methods to create a more informed paper. I will be examining the recent string of uprising in the middle east and Africa in conjunction with the toppling of the established regimes there. Qualitative and quantitative research will both be employed in an attempt to better understand the differences in the mainstream and alternative news sources.

On the qualitative side, I plan on looking for certain words and phrases that appear in the articles and examining the frequency they appear in both the mainstream and alternative news sources to see if there is any kind of bias toward a particular point of view, SRC ect. Additionally, I plan on looking at the frequency of links to external sources and other related articles in the attempt to establish the validity of the facts presented and to see if there is any kind of bias in where and from whom the information presented in the article has come from.

On the Qualitative side, I plan on doing some analysis of the point of view the articles are written from, how they portray the people involved and what kind of framing the article uses. I wish to examine not just what is presented, but how the article is portraying the event and what meaning it is ascribing to it.

I also believe meta ecology may play a role in my analysis as well. One of the key points of debate in the recent uprisings has been the influence of the internet and social media. What influence the different news sources ascribe, if any, and if there seems to be any legitimate shaping of the revolts/protests as a result of the presence is likely to appear in some form in my analysis because of the prevalence of this debate throughout discussion of this topic.

  1. February 23, 2011 at 12:48 am

    Good job. You will be doing qualitative research as you suggest. I think it will be interesting if you can add a dimension of media ecology (or “meta” ecology) to your analysis as you look at how the journalists report on the stories and how they ascribe technology with the power to instigate or help foster the revolutions. Mostly, however, you’ll just need to look at the framing. Thanks!

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