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Chapter 13

For the final paper I will be comparing two different news sources. The first news source is Westword, a free alternative weekly newspaper based in Denver, Colorado. The other news source being compared is the Denver Post, a well established newspaper in Denver, Colorado. The article that I am comparing is in regards to a new green campaign that is being launched in Denver. For this comparison, I will be using qualitative research that describes phenomena in words rather than through numbers or measures. Quantitative research will not be focused on for this project because of it’s focus on numbers and measures and the idea of using experimentation to describe phenomena.

Qualitative research will be beneficial to use in my final paper because it allows the reader and/or experimenter to focus on descriptions with the hope of better understanding the world. In my specific paper, these descriptions that are being analyzed will help individuals better understand the importance of green energy. Green energy is a rather up and coming idea that will be necessary in our attempt to reduce our ecological footprint on the earth.

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  1. February 23, 2011 at 1:45 am

    Good discussion of qualitative research. I think you may need to use a counter perspective other than the Denver Post to highlight what makes the Westword’s view alternative. If you think that the alternative view is that green energy is good (and I think you’d find this frame in both Westword and the DP), then you’ll want to have some source that argues that green energy is bad. Then you want to compare how they might use the same instance (say, a new bill or a newly funded green project) to make opposite arguments about who benefits and why this is good or bad. If your story has a local angle, then you’ll need to look for local conservatives. Or if it’s more national, then you can look at Fox & you’re bound to find an anti-green story there for comparison.

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