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Blog #13: Media Research

While doing the final paper assignment with my partner, our research has been both quantitative and qualitative.  We used quantitative research by looking at the demographics for both our mainstream and alternative media source. (The Washington Post and The Huffington Post). We saw different percentages of female readers to male readers as well as how age and education factors into those percentages. Qualitative data was used when we were examining things like media ownership. We looked at many other online sources for background information on the news outlets. When looking at the actual articles themselves, I feel like we used a mixture of quantitative and qualitative data because each had figures on BP and its oil spill formula, while using words to describe the “phenomena” (Pavlik & McIntosh). Our research will expand on the media ecology aspect, because we are analyzing the two different sources looking at their effect on readers.


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  1. February 23, 2011 at 12:51 am

    Good. You are using quantitative research but not conducting it, as you won’t be doing the surveys yourself but will be using data gathered by someone else to supplement your own analysis. You’re right, you’ll mostly be using words and thus it’ll be qualitative. But you won’t be using media ecology if you’re interested in media effects, as m.e.’s interested in how technology is changing and thus changing society. You will be doing a study that focuses on framing and that therefore borrows some assumptions about media effects from that tradition. No need to edit; just wanted to clarify for the exam.

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