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For my final paper, I will be looking at a news story and analyzing how it was published in two different media outlets.   I am going to be looking at a news story from ProPublica about the investigation on the number of infant deaths in Fort Bragg.  This is a pretty controversial subject and there has been several investigations on the causes of death.  Some believe certain investigational conclusions while others are skeptical and the different media outlets have chosen certain sides in the matter.  I will compare how ProPublica coverage on the matter with how another media news source covered the story. For this type of study, I will be using a researching technique known as qualitative research.

Qualitative research describes the phenomena in words instead of numbers or measures like quantitative research techniques.    My study is a form of qualitative research as I will be looking at two different media outlets, allowing myself the opportunity to view both sides.   I will focus on the descriptions of the news coverage in hopes of better understanding how that particular media outlet intended on covering the story.


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  1. February 23, 2011 at 1:15 am

    Good description of qualitative research; no need to rewrite. However, be sure that you do a close analysis of what the different reports say. How do the reporters use certain words to try to convince you of their position? If they are using the same source for information (eg a study), how are they interpreting it differently?

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