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For my final paper I will use qualitative research, as described in Chapter 13 in the book. Qualitative research is research that describes phenomena in words as opposed to numbers or measures. This is different from quantitative research which is research that focuses on numbers and measures and experimentation to describe phenomena. I will be watching a television clip from Free Speech TV, and then compare it with a story on a mainstream news website.

This would be considered more qualitative research because I will be examining the alternative news source’s view on an issue to see their point of view, and then see how that more independent news source compares with that of the mainstream news; the news that most of the nation goes to. This is more qualitative than quantitative because I am not trying to prove or disprove a hypothesis, and I am not using a controlled experiment. By going to the website I may also be practicing a form of participant-observation, as I do not know much about the website. I will be immersing myself in the website to find a story that I can observe, and listen for their main point of view.

I can then compare this to the mainstream news source, as it is definitely a much different point of view on the issue. I am already familiar with more mainstream media, so I can kind of have an idea of what I am in store for. I will also be using some ethnography by again immersing myself in the website to observe what their general position on the political spectrum they are on, and pay attention to the same details for the mainstream website. I will look for framing in both sources, or the notion that every story is told in a particular way that influences how readers think of the story.

Overall, noting the differences between the two sources will help with the research the most. Being able to differentiate the stances of the two sources and see how they try to make the viewers feel will be the most interesting aspect, and I know there will be some big differences.

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  1. February 23, 2011 at 1:47 am

    Brendan, this is a great blog. I hope you’ll choose to write on Free Speech TV because I think it will be a very good study! You may be able to find a transcript of the report online – check for this as it will make it easier for you to examine and then you can avoid watching and rewatching multiple times. But if you can’t find it then you can find another alternative source as you suggested.

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