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13th Blog: Research for Real News

For my final paper, I am going to be working with Phil Hedrick on “The Real News Network”. This is going to be really interesting because when we chose the topic, neither of us had any idea of what The Real News Network was or what they covered. For our media research, we are planning on accessing various sources; the first being TRNN official site. Here, we will be able to get a good idea of what the site is like, the layout, the kind of news they cover, and how it is presented. We watched a couple videos on my laptop, but other than that we still have a lot of research to do. Next, we are going to look at alternative sources such as blogs and websites that talk about the network, and hopefully we can find some interviews of some of the employees. One thing that we found out early on when we were looking at the site was that it does not condone any type of advertising, so the money that they receive in order to keep the show going comes primarily from interest and popularity of the site, as well as the donations from the people that enjoy the site and would like to see it succeed. If The Real News Network reaches enough followers, they will be able to air on television. I don’t have the statistics yet, but I’m sure it’s going to be a difficult number to attain because of how competitive news networks are with trying to get air time when the big boys like CNN and Fox News dominate that area. I’m excited to learn more about this website with Phil and to hopefully bring up some interesting ideas for the website to become more successful.

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