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After doing some research for our final paper I seem to be using both qualitative and quantitative research methods in order to extract useful information from articles that I am able to use in my final paper. Our final paper has to do Obama’s approval ratings for the month of January but we will also look at is ratings from the past as well. I’ll use quantitative research to study graphs, charts, polls, statistics, surveys and much more to help back my main points. This will be a useful research method because we will be able to look the two different news articles and see how President Obama’s approval ratings are being portrayed. I think it will be beneficial to look at other news sources as well so we can get a more accurate conclusion because with most news sources now a days many are bias and the results of surveys and such tend to be swayed one way or another.  We are using two main articles one from Pop and Politics called “Big January Jump for President Obama’s approval ratings” and another from New York Times called “ Approval ratings and Re-Election Odd’s” we will also be looking at a daily poll tracker which has the latest information on President Obamas approval ratings.

I will use qualitative research by observing and talking to students around campus about Obama and how they fell about him.  I think this will give my partner and I good insight about how students at DU fell about him whether its good or bad. From there we can compare their information to our other research and see if there on the same page as others who are either for him or against him. Qualitative research won’t play as large of a roll  in our final paper but i do feel that it is important to use all the resources possible and talking to students around campus will help our research.


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  1. February 23, 2011 at 1:59 am

    Alex, this is a good discussion of what’s involved with qualitative research, but for this particular paper you don’t have to interview anyone. You are being asked to do a close analysis of the readings of two versions of the same story. Look for word choice, for instance. Does one source focus on the positive (“big jump”) and the other focus on the negative? Does one seem to argue against the other, and if so, how do they offer legitimacy to their position while questioning the other way of seeing things? Be sure to check out the requirements for the paper on the Blackboard site so you don’t do more work than you need to, and so that you do focus on the details enough so that you can generate 4 pages of analysis on the stories themselves.

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