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The Colbert Report

After watching The Colbert Report and channel 7 news it is clear that they are very different news outlets.  When tuning into news stations such as abc, nbc, or FOX news many people are looking for hard news and stories about things that have recently happened or a look at developing stories.  This is different to watching a show like The Colbert Report, SNL weekend update or The Daily Show where news stories are twisted and presented in a way to entertain an audience.  These stores are often still relevant and timely stories it is often through the tone and framing of the stories that these alternative news sources present the news.

The segment of The Colbert Report that related to a news story that I just heard about on channel 7news was the breaking news about Egypt’s Hosni Mubarak stepping down.  When I saw this covered on the news it was through recorded videos, pictures, and sound bites showing the countries reaction to the story unfolding.  Through this we were able to learn things such as importance of this to the Egyptian people and how this was going to be cause for much celebration in Egypt.  This story was completely different then the clip I watched from The Colbert Report where he discussed things such as how Hosni Mubarak will be extremely rich when he steps down.  After seeing the other news report things such as this did not seems as newsworthy or important to know.  That is one reason it is hard to consider shows like these as outlets for real news.

This is often because when getting news from a channel such a 7new many stories are published in a more unbiased way that often include both sides to the story.  This allows the viewer to decide what they themselves think about what is being said.  This is not always true of The Colbert Report which often presents stories in a very one-sided way.

When looking at this same news story side to side with The Colbert Report and 7 news it is hard to say that both stories are news, however, they both are providing information that make them just that.  When looking specifically at The Colbert Report it could be right to call these stories alternative news.  Liked we talked about above these stories are told with a different tone and fame than most news stories found in traditional news outlets.  That is why they can still be giving accurate information just in a different way.  This doesn’t allow for as much interpretation from the audience but it does create a more entertaining story.

The international mass communication theories that I feel best fit with news casting like The Colbert Report are the libertarian theory because it says that everyone is free to publish what they want.  This is to say that if Stephen Colbert wants to present news in this way he has the freedom to do this.  It may not always be the most precise news outlet but it is the way he chooses to present his news and he has the right to do it in this way.

The second international mass communication theory that I feel relates to The Colbert Report is the theory that media should be for the working class and should be publicly owned.  This is saying that news is not for a certain group of people to present.  It should be out there for everyone to consume and produce in there own ways.  So, one cannot say that Colbert’s way of telling the news is not right because it is the way that he wants to present it and he has the right to do this.


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