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The Colbert Report

Colbert Nation, Steven Colbert’s website containing anything to do with his show, recently posted an article called “The Enemy Within-Toddler Edition”. First of all, it is an absurd title…so absurd it draws the audience in, in this case myself. The Colbert Report sort of uses a type of Sensational Journalism, which is the exaggeration of events. He stretches the truth to deliver a humorous and sarcastic new report. This is definitely unconventional news, but it is still news. It is not all fiction. He uses many hard facts from stories and usually follows up a serious moment with a extremely sarcastic remark to attract the audiences attention…and he does this very well; even better than Jon Stewart in my opinion. Anyways, in this story is about a 4 year old girl Julia Brietman, who, while riding her bike, ran into Claire Menagh. Claire Menagh eventually died and her family decided to put Julia on trial. The actual report gives a more in-depth coverage while Colbert touches on main themes and exaggerates. The actual report talked about what went on in the courtroom and what drove the judge to decide to actually put this 4 year old girl on trial. It is ridiculous to charge such a young girl who didn’t have any bad intentions. It would be one thing if she was a murderer pleading guilty, but she simply was involved in an accident. This event definitely makes me question the New York state court. It is funny to hear the things that Steven says about the incident, but the true story really sucks. This just shows that Colbert really is a master of his craft and he can turn most stories into humorous, sarcastic news segments. And that is how he is popular and why I believe he still delivers the “news”.

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