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Journalism Colbert vs. CNN/Fox

I compared Colbert’s report on who is going to rule Egypt. This event is sometimes references as the “Muslim Brotherhood” taking over in the Middle East. The United States is worried that the Egyptian population will vote in a highly anti-U.S. and anti-democratic government that brings Egypt back to authoritative rule. Senators and government officials are comparing this event to Palestine when Hamas took over. While others are saying that this just can’t happen. “Egyptian analyst Mustafa Abulhimal says this is not the Muslim Brotherhood’s revolution. The Muslim Brotherhood are not behind the organization of the protests,” he said. “The Muslim Brotherhood are not inspiring the protests in the street. The Muslim Brotherhood is a small minority among those who are out on the street.”

Colbert had a different approach to this event then the rest of the political community. The Colbert report is a highly interpretive form of journalism, where Colbert reports the on-goings of the world with his own facts and opinions. I would also call him an alternative journalist in the fact that he strives through satire and irony to defy the conventions of “professional” journalism. The first thing that gave me this impression was when Colbert opened with the statement “are the Arabs ready for Democracy”. This caught my attention right away and I watched as Colbert played devils advocate against Egypt’s freedom to show through intense framing how idiotic the United States were being. Colbert did not share with me any new information; he just framed the information in a different manner. “But the Muslim Brotherhood has 1% of the popularity right now, how is that not a reason to worry!” He exclaims. He also brings up the American worry about how could a revolution that was this quick to climax brings about a long-term government? His final and probably most powerful “observation” was the statement that the United States were worried that the Egyptian people were going to chose a government that did not agree with the United States. In other words the United States only wants to share and spread democracy when their puppets are in the governments that get voted in! The irony and selfishness that the United States has shown was loud and clear in the Colbert Report. But besides the opinion papers I found on CNN and Fox, I found very little information that was accessible and accurate.

Colbert used his own opinion and his own facts to frame the information toward a certain conclusion. While I do agree with his conclusions, I also see this venue as a dangerous venue as American’s trust Colbert equally or more so then other news programs. I am worried that people are going to give Colbert too much credibility, but I also have noticed that he has earned it and has not used an invalid source just yet.













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