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Colbert Report Comparison

Many of the regular news outlets cover the Egyptian crisis in an unbiased way as possible. But at times they may be leaning towards the protestors against a dictator, but they also are talking about how Egypt is a major ally of the U.S. In his shows, Colbert goes over a some of the things that are going on in Egypt, but he tends to look more closely at how the media is reacting to the uprising. He shows the audience many short clips of news analysts talking about the Egyptian crisis, then mocks them. For instance, in one of his shows he showed a clip of a reporter saying how since Egypt is an ally of the U.S., and if Mubarak is overthrown, gas may go up 10 cents in price. Colbert then goes on to ridicule what the reporter said by saying that a having a dictator is worth is if we can get 10 cents cheaper on gasoline. Another segment of Colbert making fun of the media was when he compared Egypt to “Jersey Shore” after Anderson Cooper got hit. Colbert did express some views on the crisis, but most of his discussions on the topic was about the media.

The times that, Colbert did talk about the Egyptian crisis, it seemed as though he was more in favor of the protestors and against the dictatorship of Mubarak. He brought on a guest to his show and they discussed how quickly and effectively the protestors were able to overthrow Mubarak. He also mocked many news analysts saying that Egypt was an ally of the U.S., which shows that he is against the view that the U.S. should support Mubarak and his regime because they are allies.

The Colbert Report is a show that does not have fairness or balance. He is a strong critic of politics, business, etc. He does not report the news from an unbiased point-of-view, and if he finds something that is currently happening in the world that he does not agree with, he will express his view on the topic in a mocking comedic way. His show reports current events in a very opinionated way.

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