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After watching the “The Enemy Within – Toddler Edition” it is obvious that humor is a main assets used to share news with the audience in the Colbert Report. Looking at both the segment featured on the show and the original article I read it was clear the article gave far more detail. The article told the readers the actual events that happened in the case, discussing the development and progression of the case as well as the preceding cases that led to the judge to the decision to allow the estate to sue four year old Julia Brietman and her five year old companion along with their parents. Colbert use humor and sarcasm throughout this segment along with just plain funny staged interviews caused the audience to laugh. Along with causing laughter Colbert does a unique thing to the audience that sets his show apart from traditional news casts. Stephen Colbert in his show makes the stories larger than life in many ways using laughter and at times even adding parts to the story up, such as a child psychologist that says toddlers are “thugs” and should be persecuted at the heaviest terms of the law

Colbert can relate to the four theories of international mass communication in several different ways. There are four theories of international mass communication are the authoritarian theory, the libertarian theory, the social responsibility theory, and the soviet theory. The first and oldest of the four is the authoritarian theory. The authoritarian theory can be described as when the Government has control of the media and uses it as a means to support and advance polices of the government. This theory can relate to The Colbert Report because it would be the direct opposite of what it stood for. Although Colbert has not gone to any extreme measure to completely challenge or undermine the existing political system he does showcase a different side or take on political stories that allow the audience to come up with their own ideas on the matter. This type of theory is not used in the United States it is still commonly used in non-democratic states by their leaders. The second theory is the libertarian theory also known as the free press theory. The libertarian theory is based on the idea that the individual should be free to publish whatever they desire to publish. This connects to The Colbert Report because this in many ways is capitalized on displaying critics on the government in the show but it is always in a modest non extremist manner. The third theory is the social responsibility theory. This theory is what is more commonly used in the United States. This theory is based off the idea that the media plays an important role in creating awareness and informing citizens.  Colbert provides analysis, explanation, and interpretation which is what the media is supposed to do. Although the Colbert Report is not a “normal” source of news it still give the audience facts and allows them to analyze, explain, and interpret to the news given to them. The final theory is the soviet theory which is based on the idea that media should serve the interests of the working class and should be publicly owned, not privately owned. The Colbert Report takes an interest approach to this presenting stories in a way that the “common man” would understand and care about in a interesting manner. The Colbert Report in many ways presents the news in a way that is appriciated by a large number of people through entertaining while informing. This type of style in many aspects has made the Colbert Report so popular. The perfect combination of humor, entertainment, and information is something that appeals to many I feel and encourages many to look into the news for themselve and want to stay informed.

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