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Blog 11: Colbert Report

I recently read an article online about a New York judge allowing a 4 year old child to be sued for negligence. The article discussed Juliet Brietman, who in a bike race with her friend struck 87 year old Claire Menagh. Although the charges were not brought by Ms. Menagh who died of unrelated causes her estate sued the children as well as their parents for negligence during the accident. While looking at several segments of the Colbert Reports I saw his take on this story. Colbert’s report on this story in many ways took a comical approach to the ridiculous notion of suing toddlers. Being featured in “The Enemy Within – Toddler Edition” it was obviously poking fun at the entire situation being filled with fake interviews and referring to the toddlers as “tiny thugs”. Colbert touched on the actual events that occurred in the case while infusing the story with humor. The news article in the NY Times however was far more detailed discussing the entire ordeal and how the judge came to the decision that the child could in fact be sued. This differs from the Colbert Report who gave the facts ending with the ultimate decision made by the judge to allow the case to continue and go to court. This comical angle used to point out to me is an example of sensational journalism, news that exaggerates or features lurid details and depictions of events in order to get a larger audience. The story itself is something that I feel that a large audience would pay attention to because of the pure absurdity of it. But the way that Colbert presents it through comedy and this sarcastic manner gives the audience a sense of responsibly to learn more and think about the consequences of it.

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