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The Colbert Report is a satirical news show on Comedy Central that runs every weeknight and talks about the news, but in a funnier sense. Although Stephen Colbert uses irony and sarcasm, he ends up putting out a pretty good show, as he can joke around and still get the important points out, actually making it a valid news program. He does a good job at trying to have an unbiased approach, and he brings in special guests to have extrinsic proof.

I recently watched a segment where Stephen Colbert was talking about the crisis in Egypt, and he brought in Christiane Amanpour to bring in her opinion on what the future of Egypt is. Christiane Amanpour said that she believes democratic uprising might be a possible outcome, even a muslim brotherhood might take over power. Stephen Colbert was surprised how quickly this Egyptian revolution came about, as the Iranian revolution took almost a year, and this revolution took only eighteen days. Christiane Amanpour thinks it will last and it will continue, and that because of the media, television and people getting their points out, people are speeding the process up because they want change now. She interviewed Mubarak a few days before he stepped down, and she told him that he was fed up, but 62 years in office is long enough for him. She thinks this is a genuine proper uprising, but it is hard to imagine democracy happening in a time like this.

I then watched a video on CNN about Egypt and their domino effect, and the taste of democracy can open opportunities, but we are still in a dangerous transition period. Egypt has inspired demonstrations and protests such as Bahrain, Yemen, Iran, and Jordan. It is quite too early to tell what the future will hold for the nation, but CNN was trying to figure this out just like Christiane Amanpour and Stephen Colbert. This goes to show that nes stations like CNN can be just as valid as the Colbert Report on Comedy Central, except with less satire and sarcasm. We are still in a period where we have no idea what will happen in Egypt, but we can only hope for the best.

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