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The Colbert Report episode that I watched was titled “LCD Soundsystem”. In this episode Colbert discusses Hosni Mubarak and his resignation from the position of president of Egypt.  In the episode Colbert presents the news in the form of Sensational journalism.  Sensational journalism is news that is exaggerated or features lurid details and depictions.  This is because Colbert ignores most of the story and mainly just pokes humor at the President Mubarak. When Colbert presents the story he doesn’t present it as a news story but more of a joke.  The only real information that is presented without bias was that Mubarak resigned from his position.  Then Colbert goes on to poke fun at Hosni Mubaraks supposed psychological problems and how unpopular he was with the Egyptian people.  Colbert should be regarded as a news source because he does give a basic telling of the news but he doesn’t go in depth on the issues.  However, Colbert couldn’t be considered a reputable news source because he focuses on making a story humorous rather then giving the audience an accurate depiction of the news.


ABC news on the other hand goes much more in depth about their news coverage and does not tell it with humor.  ABC goes into more detail about why President Mubarak decided to resign, the Egyptian peoples peaceful uprising, and the reaction it had on the U.S. government and the Egyptian people.  ABC news also focused on the current state of the Egyptian government.  ABC explained that the Egyptian High Military Council, headed by Defense Minister Mohammed Hussein Tatawi, is currently in control of the country.  The worldwide reaction to Mubaraks resignation was also a main topic of choice.  ABC explained how President Mubaraks resignation was celebrated all over the Arab world.  And how people flooded the streets of Cairo in an atmosphere that was described as one of “pure ecstasy.”   ABC news’ coverage of President Hosni Mubaraks resignation was much more in-depth and useful then Colbert’s was.  Although The Colbert Report probably has more entertainment value because of its humor, ABC news is more reputable because it presents the news in detail and with very little bias.

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