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I decided to watch the Colbert Report, which aired on February 15.  The focus of the show was discussing the recent event’s that have just occurred in Egypt. As many are familiar with Egyptian president Hosni Mubarak has stepped down after about 30 years of power.  Being familiar with the Colbert Report you should take it and watch it with a grain of slat knowing he will throw his untraditional ways of reporting the news to you by adding his own twist of on air humor and sarcasm. Yet this makes the show interesting and entreating to watch unlike CNN or other news stations where it all tends to be serious and dull. This is where I think the Colbert Report does an excellent job of using sensational journalism, which means it uses lurid details in order to gain a larger audience and flips it by adding his own twist by making something that maybe be gruesome or shocking that the news might be airing and adding a comedic twist to it. This then gives him more viewers because most people tend to like something comedic rather than something tragic or sad. Even though the story lines maybe the same it’s about how it is presented that grabs peoples attention.

During the report, Colbert was discussing, now that Mubarak has stepped down who will be the next to take his place? The report had brief videos of other reporters discussing who they believed had the best opportunity to gain power but it quickly turned into a joke discussing the topic of democracy in Egypt. One reporter said that Egyptians weren’t ready for democracy and Colbert ran with it as he usually does. On a more serious note Colbert then brought on talented broadcast journalist Christiane Amanpour to discuss if Egypt does enforce democracy into their country how can they be sure the Muslim brotherhood won’t step in and how long will this last . The brief segment was serious but also had a bit of humor in it as well. On the serious side I was able to find information that I linked to an article on Yahoo news discussing how the Iranian revolution took a year of uprising when it only took 18 days in Egypt for Mubarak to step down which is truly amazing. She then discussed why she thinks this will last due to all the media attention this revolution was receiving which also could have helped speed the process up.  The Yahoo article discusses how many Egyptians are rejoicing with their new freedom which makes it easy to believe that they aren’t going to turn back.

I can see how the Colbert Report and regular news stations can be linked together but also can differ due to the way information is presented. Most news stations can’t present the news in such a way that the Colbert Report does because there job is strictly to present the news. Where Colbert can discuss a wide variety of worldly news topics yet he can present it in comedic fashion or if he choices a more serious manner because his show is seen more on the terms of a comedic show rather than an actual news report.


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