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Channel 7 Ads

When I watched the new for Channel 7 News I noticed that they tended to advertise to an older age group. There were no children’s ads at all. This is probably because not many children are willing to watch the news. The age group of the intended audience would probably be around middle-aged persons. Many of the commercials were about cars, finances, etc. The targeted gender audience seemed to be leaning toward women in general. There were many ads that were specified directly at woman.

Some of the ads that I saw during one of their news programs were for cars. The car ads ranged from BMW to Toyota, but many of them seemed to be geared toward promoting family friendly cars. I believe these family car ads are predominantly directed at women. Also, I saw a few jewelry store commercials, which hinted at the fact that Channel 7 is targeting women more. The jewelry ads may have been there because Valentine’s Day was near though.

There also many financial ads. There were several advertising credit cards. This made me suspect that people from ages 20 to around 40 were being targeted because these are the type of people who would most be interested in credit cards. Not many seniors or children would have a need for them.

Another theory that I have is that Channel 7 is targeting people who are somewhat affluent. The car commercials  like BMW are definitely not for people who have low incomes. The same would go for diamonds. There were some car commercials that advertised their product by promoting its affordability, but they were still pretty pricy. I would guess that the station is going after people from lower middle class and above.

One ad that I found to be very peculiar among all the other ads was one for dentures. It is clearly targeting much older people than the other ads. It just did not seem to fit with the trend of the other commercials. But, I assume that since the news is supposed to be for everyone, the dentures company thought it would be a good idea for them to buy an ad on Channel 7.

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  1. February 26, 2011 at 4:31 am

    Good insights, Sean.

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