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Blog 11: Colbert Report

Steven Colbert incorporates both personal opinion and humor into his reporting.  I chose to watch the show that aired on February 15th regarding the recently occurring events in Egypt and observed how what first began as a discussion as to who would take over for Mubarak turned into a joke of Egyptian democracy. Even when parts of the show were serious, Colbert continued to keep most of his comments light hearted. He welcomed Christiane Amanpour, a well known broadcast journalist, on to the show to discuss how long democracy would last  in Egypt if indeed it was enforced. He seemed to ridicule Murabak by discussing how quickly the protestors were able to overthrow him.

Colbert reports news in a sarcastic, bias way. His opinions are very apparent when discussing a particular topic. Colbert isn’t trying to report the news. He is encouraging his audience to think about the topic in a different manner. He targets an audience who may already have a good idea of the news he is reporting, or just wants to get a brief overview.He uses Sensationalism , news that exaggerates or features lurid details and depictions of events to reach a target audience (Pavlik,2011).

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