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Blog 11 Chris Powers

The Colbert Report is an example of  alternative journalism. This is different from conventional journalism due to the tone used.   Most other news vehicles take on a more neutral, serious lens, but The Colbert Report uses satire and a mocking tone to relay information to its viewers. Also, since the show has a website dedicated to it where viewers can comment, watch episodes, and literally be involved in the show, I believe the Colbert Report can also be considered a convergent type of media. I currently watched The Colbert Report: Egyptian Democracy where Steven Colbert interviewed Christiane Amanpour….as did several others in the class I can see.  Colbert does a great job using humor and sarcasm in unison with real world critical thinking to get to the root of the issue he is discussing.  Colbert effectively uses sarcasm and quick witted thinking to ask his guests comical, yet important, questions about an important topic in the news.  In comparison to watching the news channel 7 report on Cairo, I can seriously say I learned one hundred percent more from Colbert due to the fact that I can not pay attention to the “real news.”  I simply zoned out during the channel seven report and watched the pictures drone by one after one…..Colbert keeps me interested in the topic at hand by keeping me on my toes and interested in what crazy thing he is going to say next.  For example, I learned that the American people might have to worry about other countries following Cairo’s lead ….a discussion present in the Colbert Report but not in the traditional news media I watched.  For me, and those like me, Colbert is an effective way to gain pertinent information about current events in the world without being bored to tears.  I love these non traditional type news programs and feel that they can exert a strong influence over a large population of Americans.  Because of this, I believe that more and more Americans will begin to switch their viewing patterns from traditional boring news programs to more entertaining programs such as The Colbert Report and The Daily Show With John Stewart. If one is receiving the same information in a more informal and fun way, then why the hell not?

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