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News stations make a lot of their money from advertising alone – almost 25% of it. Usually, you will see a large difference with which companies will advertise on national news and local news. National news will use the larger names in advertising: the companies that one can find everywhere. Local news really depends more on local companies, and this can be shown in the commercials that they air. One of the most common advertisements I saw on channel 7 were car advertisements, as the local car dealerships are the ones with the most money to spend overall.

After this, it seemed like attorneys at law were advertised a lot, as this is definitely something relevant to the community. They had advertisers for local doctors as well, and doctors of a larger variety, for many different kinds of conditions. There were ads for many different kinds of local businesses, like a ski and snow sports business, a Goodwill store, and more. I even saw an ad for a local casino. There were ads for local theater shows, like ones called “Spring Awakening” and “The Catch,” and ads for the Boulder International Film Festival. There were ads for adopting pets, like the ARAS Colorado, and ads for The Children’s Hospital and the Children’s Miracle Network. They had resources for those needing a lawyer, women needing tips and resources in their job search, and causes like the Denver PJ Day to help Denver’s Road Home and the Homeless. There was one for tax preparation help, Big Brothers Big Sisters Program, the Nathan Yip Foundation, ways for you and your children to eat beter through eatright.org, etc. They also had many ads promoting their daytime television schedule, with Dr. Oz, etc.

Basically, I could tell that the audience for ads like these are those who might be home all day to watch the news, like the elderly or middle-aged. It was definitely very relevant to the local community, which is why local agencies advertise here. They definitely cater to those who need help with their health, those who need help with the law, and those who need a new car the most. However, there is a wide variety of ads and some can be relevant to just about anyone.

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