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I watched the eleven am news and the ten pm news on channel seven on Sunday February 13.  The advertisements during these times were similar in many ways but they targeted a notably different audience.  In the morning broadcast, the commercials were heavily geared towards couples and there were many commercials about romantic gifts such as flowers, boxes of chocolate, jewelry and stuffed animals.  This is because it was the day before valentines day.  The non-valentines day related commercials were more geared towards older viewers.  These commercials were about retirement funds, life insurance, luxury cars and credit unions.  This makes it clear that the intended audience of the morning news is the people who are old enough to be currently retired or be considering retirement.

In the evening broadcast there were all of the same valentines day commercials as the morning broadcast but the other commercials were intended for a much broader audience.  These commercials were advertising things that appeal to an audience that is old enough to be up at ten o’clock before school or work and young enough to want to watch television that late at night.  These commercials include advertisements about fast food such as mcdonalds or taco bell, midline sedans, movies and sporting events.  I believe that this is a smart way to advertise because in the middle of the day retired people and housewifes are the people who wouldn’t be occupied with school or work so they could watch tv while in the night a broader audience would be available to watch the news.

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  1. February 26, 2011 at 4:45 am

    Interesting analysis, Marc.

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