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I do not own a T.V. so I was forced to watch the news online. It was not beneficial to watch it online for this assignments purpose because I could not find as many commercials. This is something to point out because it is good for the consumer who goes online to get the news rather than student who is doing an assignment focused around commercials.  Another obstacle which I had to go around while completing this assignment was that channel 7’s online videos clips were only on average two minutes long, and only had one commercial at the beginning of each clip. I was not able to find a live broadcast or a delayed showing of the news.

That being said the sole commercial that I watched over and over again was a commercial advertising the University of Phoenix School of Business. As my mouse scrolled over the video it had the option to get more information if you clicked on the link, which I did. It brought me to the University of Phoenix’s website where it boasted that it is the “largest globally networked business school in the country”. In examining this commercial it seems that the audience that channel 7 is trying to reach are young adults who are looking to further enhance their lives by getting a better education. This gives strength to the argument that a vast majority of people who view their news online are a younger generation. People like myself who may not own a T.V. but want to stay up to date with a general idea of what is going on around us. Because I watched the news online they were able to have advertisements off to the side which consisted of car promotions and another University, DeVry. I do not feel as though the car commercials can tell us a lot about the audience of channel 7 besides that they are old enough to start thinking about purchasing a vehicle. This is because everywhere you look you can find a commercial for a car or truck.

Channel 7 seems to be trying to “brand” themselves as a good influence on the young viewers. By advertising higher education on the news it gives evidence that channel 7 wants to promote education. College is a “responsible” thing to do after high school especially nowadays when it is difficult to find a well-paying job without a higher degree. In my opinion channel 7 much like other stations want their audience to have a good educational background. Since news is something we watch to get information it is equivalent to the reason why we go to school, to learn.


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