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I chose to watch my segments of the channel 7 news on Sunday, February 13. I watched the 11am news and then the 10pm news. I am kind of ashamed to admit, but I actually haven’t watched the news for a really long time. I guess I felt that I had better things to do. It was interesting to me and brought me back to the days where I watched the moring news before elementary school with my parents. Anyways, the morning news advertisements seemed to be targeting the older group (50+). Commercials were more about the “right steps” to retirement. There were commercials about life insurance, retirement loans, expensive cars…which probably aren’t interesting to a younger audience, and of course, Valentines day commercials considering it was right around the corner.

The evening news also heavily advertised Valentines day. But I felt like the advertising was for a much more broad audience, considering everyone in the house comes together in the evening for dinner, school, etc. The car commercials were for less expensive/luxurous cars. There were fast food commercials, movie previews and Valentines day. Overall I think more older folk watch the news at 11am and the advertisements are very carefully thought out. And everyone in the family comes home in the evening so there needs to be more of a range.

  1. February 26, 2011 at 4:44 am

    Phil, I think you’re right that tv news audiences are older, particularly in the AM. But I think that there are changing demographics regarding families and households that make it so that we can’t always assume that “everyone” comes together “in the evening” anymore. Too many people live in households where there are divorces, single parents, childless couples. What’s kind of interesting is that news does seem to assume that there is an audience of middle class families “out there” watching — and they continue to try to gear programming to that shrinking percentage of the overall population. This isn’t the only reason tv news is in trouble, but it sure isn’t helping!! Your post is fine as is.

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