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I watched the morning and evening news on Channel 7. The first news show was the regular morning news at 11 in the morning and the other news show was at 10 at night. While examining what sort of audience the morning news geared its advertisements at, it seemed to be aimed at middle aged people (people in their 40’s-60’s). It came with commercials such as retirements, insurance, credit loans, and more. These weren’t all the commercials that came on, though the majority of them seemed to have the same idea. There were also commercials for Valentine’s Day consumers, which seemed to be aimed not only at the older audience, but younger people mostly in their 20’s and 30’s. The commercials consisted of Valentine’s Day discounts and specials at local stores and of course, the diamond industry had its fair share of commercials on air. This didn’t surprise me because Valentine’s Day was coming up soon, but the commercials seem to heavily rely on their product to attract customers (such as their product would be the defining gift for Valentine’s Day).

The nightly news seemed to bring about a little bit more “liveliness” in their advertisements. What I mean by this is that the advertisers made the commercials geared towards a younger audience than the morning news did. They advertised food, cars, new clothes, quite a bit of cologne and perfume commercials (my guess is that it was due to Valentine’s Day) and much more of the sort that would appeal to younger audiences. I think it is smart for advertisers to do this sequence in the morning and afternoon, because most of the younger audience in the morning are usually at school or not awake watching the news, while the older generation usually tends to do so. The older generation in turn at night may be sleeping early or doing other activities that aren’t related to watching the news, while more of the younger generation is watching late night shows and news on occasion.

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  1. February 26, 2011 at 4:47 am

    Good analysis, Alex. Usually media buyers purchase “blocks” of time, so you’d get prime time programming along with 10 PM news – thus the ads would appeal to people who might watch prime time and not the news, such as the younger audience that you suggest. Post is fine as is.

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