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I watched the Channel 7 evening news two nights in a row.  I found that the audience they are mainly reaching out to (based off of advertisements) is people who are newly-weds (or just beginning to live on their own) all the way up to people who are retired.  This involves how the new anchors shared the news and what news was given out to the public.

The main stories on the second news program that I watched referred to children and drinking energy drinks.  This reached out to parents with children and that they should be watching what their kids drink.  Channel 7 did manage to remain objective in this case by adding in the owners of the energy drinks side of the story.

The second main story talked about patients who received surgery and required an artificial limb to be put in their bodies; sometimes those limbs failed and patients paid all of that money for nothing (only to require more surgery).  This also reaches out to more adult figures between 30 and 70 (because honestly, how many stories do you hear of teenagers and kids in their early 20’s having artificial limbs)?

All of the advertisements that I watched during Channel 7 news involved dealing with heart conditions (i.e., lowering cholestoral, plavix, etc.), fighting pains (e.g., bayer aspirin), and staying healthy.  Each of these advertisements were not appealing for kids nor teenagers.  They didn’t have teenage role models such as Miley Cyrus doing the commercial, they had actors who were “normal” people reaching out to that older age group.  One advertisement that was specifically designed for reaching out to older people involved an adult diaper commercial, which broadens the audience to even retired people now.

Overall this news station intends on its audience to be the working class – all of them.  They have advertisements for all ages of the working class.  These ads range from just getting a new home (or gambling) for the younger working class, to those that regularly need to regulate their health with Bayer Aspirin or to keep a healthy heart by eating Cheerios daily.  Their news personalities on the show reflect that of a more basic personality because they must appeal to all audiences (as they do with their advertisements.

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