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Channel 7 Advertising and Public Relations

Advertising is defined as “an ancient form of human communication generally designed to inform or persuade members of the public with regard to some product or service.” It has now become very specific to the audiences that are watching the program or channel. As I observed this weekend watching Channel 7 news, there were different advertisements on the morning broadcast than the evening broadcast. It was very easy to determine the audience that most commercials were aiming towards. In the early morning, most of the commercials are focused on the older generation. I would guess the average age watching the broadcast is 40 and up. Some of the commercials shows were for Valentine’s Day because it was the day before and advertisers were in full swing to get as many customers to buy their flower delivery as possible. It was interesting to observe how obvious the commercials were focused on the older generation. Many of them were about retirement communities and credit unions. Another category of commercials shown in the morning was more expensive jewelry, cars, and products.

There were some differences in the advertisements in the evening. Once again, it was interesting to see how easy, if you were paying attention to the ads, that you could depict the audience that was being targeted. I noticed many new commercials in the evening that were advertising college such as University of Phoenix, clothes, and other popular shows coming up. There still was the commercial of cars and Valentine day treats.

Reviewing the commercials during the write up makes sense for the advertisements to be placed where they are. I am sure there have been numerous studies and questionnaires on the demographics of who watches the news and at what time.  Branding is defined as “the process of creating in the consumer’s mind a clear identity for a particular company’s product, logo, or trademark.” Channel 7 as a news program participates in branding by personalizing the advertisements at the specific times. Channel 7 wants to have their viewers feel as if they are customizing to them and will therefore do what they can to have more viewers by showing advertisements to target a specific demographic.


  1. February 26, 2011 at 4:36 am

    Good insights, Steph.

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